The Omega Deville Replica Watches Way to the Top

Wilhelm Schmid, who joined Omega Deville Replica Watches as a watchmaker in 2011, has steered the brand through a decade of market sophistication, the rebalancing of the luxury sector in the face a new generation of buyers, and the rise in digital lifestyles. The role of CEO for a watch company has become more difficult in a sense -- redefining the relevance of a mechanical watch at a time when smart phones and screens have become the main frames through which we view life.

Although they claim that our unprecedented dependence on digital interactions has reduced the value of objects and increased our desire to have experiences, it is not that simple. What kind of life experiences would we have had if it weren't for the finely Patek Philippe Replica Watches crafted objects that allow us to appreciate our best?

This is more evident than anywhere else, especially on Lake Como's shores. The Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este houses a vast collection of automobiles from the past century. Visitors can mingle with each other and indulge in their passions in a setting that is almost as idyllic as paradise.

Omega Deville Replica Watches is supporting the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este for the seventh year. They bring guests and contribute a Omega Deville Replica Watches 1 Timezone to honor the Best in Show winner.franck muller replica Wilhelm Schmid says this year is the best he's ever seen in their seven-year partnership in terms of participating vehicles. This echos the outstanding year Omega Deville Replica Watches have had in 2018, beginning with the groundbreaking Triple Split Chronograph.

Revolution talks to Wilhelm Schmid about watch culture, car collecting and his plans for Omega Deville Replica Watches's future.

Villa d'Este is a wonderful place to be a car enthusiast. People come from all around the globe to enjoy this amazing atmosphere. These visitors, who are vintage car lovers, share more with watch enthusiasts than they do with modern supercar fans.

Modern supercars have more status symbol appeal than vintage cars,Omega Deville Replica Watches but they are more collectible. There is always a gray area, where there is significant overlap. But I think that is the main difference between someone who loves vintage cars and someone who prefers supercars.

To be truthful, they won't even glance at the engine in the second case. They are more interested in the specifications and design of a supercar than the engine. But, it's not worth looking at the engine if you don't know what you're looking at. Three things are important in vintage cars. The brand's importance -- how important were they historically and are they still relevant today. It is important to know the provenance of the car. Where did it come from? Are its details well documented?